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Kim’s Story – The Starling Project

Kim’s Story

Activity, Fundraising, Race

January 26, 2016

KimPierpointImageI’ve always been athletic. I arrived in Boulder, CO after completing the BikeCentennial – a 1976 cross-country bicycle ride in honor of the country’s bicentennial. I was one of about 4,000 people who rode anywhere from 100 to 4,300 miles. I did 4,300 miles in 83 days with 11 flat tires. Then life happened – marriage, grad school, career, kids – and I found myself 30-odd years later an empty-nester looking for a way to get back in shape.

My daughter talked me into doing a sprint triathlon at Cherry Creek Reservoir outside of Denver, but I didn’t like the early start or the distance from Boulder. So, I found Your Cause Sports, a wonderful Boulder-based company that allows athletes to raise money for the cause of their choice. It was a no-brainer for me to race for The Kempe Foundation.   From that point on I was hooked. Next summer (2016) will be my 7th event and my first Olympic distance.

As the Kempe Center administrator for 15 years now, my job is to help faculty and staff navigate the “institutional hurdles” of university life. I don’t work directly with kids and families, but I’m well aware of the challenges they face and the difficult-yet-so-rewarding work we do here. The reason I race for the Kempe Foundation is to raise money that goes where it is most needed, whether that’s clinical care, advocacy, research or education.

Every contribution counts – and adds up. I’ve raised $10,000+ over six seasons and won the YSC David S. Herron Fundraising Excellence Award in 2013 and 2014. At 64, I don’t expect to win my age group (Boulder athletes are ridiculously competitive well into their 80s), but I do expect to regain the fundraising title when I race again at the Boulder Reservoir on August 27th,, 2016!