Erica’s Story

Fundraising, Spread The Word

December 13, 2016

Erica Shields, Mrs. Colorado America 2016 and Kempe Ambassador

When I found my biological family after a 26-year search, I learned that each one of my ten siblings had experienced severe abuse and neglect. While I had been adopted by two loving parents, I was saddened to learn that most of my siblings had lived a very hard life.

Sadly, thousands of children in the U.S. share my story, and will continue to do so until we put a stop to the cycle of abuse. As a wife, mother and public figure, it is my duty to spread awareness about this issue so we can end child abuse and neglect for good.

I support Kempe because our future is brighter when we work together to ensure each child has the opportunity to grow in a safe, nurturing and loving environment.

Together, our support of Kempe will help fund cutting-edge programs proven to reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect and the long-term impacts on children and families.

Together we will positively impact the lives for generations to come.