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The Starling Project – Kempe Foundation
The Starling Project

The Starling Project

Let's become one extraordinary movement.


Each starling in a flock is connected to every other. When they turn in unison, hundreds of individual birds twist and turn as one. These flocks – called murmurations – are so connected that one bird’s movement impacts all the others. Starlings are one of the most visible and beautiful examples of a community working as one.

The Starling Project hopes to inspire entire communities of individuals to keep children safe from harm by considering how one person’s actions impact so many. We must work together as a community – as a murmuration – to eradicate child abuse and neglect.


Create a murmuration of people working as one to eradicate child abuse and neglect.

We need your help to achieve this milestone and come one step closer to protecting ALL of our children from harm.

The Murmuration

The Murmuration

Community members doing their part to eradicate child abuse and neglect.

As a wife, mother and public figure, it is my duty to spread awareness about this issue so we can end child abuse and neglect for good.

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Erica's Story

I support Kempe because every child deserves a loving home where they are treated with respect and kindness.

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Nate's Story

The reason I race for The Kempe Foundation is to raise money that goes where it is most needed – whether that’s clinical care, advocacy, research or education.

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Kim's Story

“Snow Day!” I realize that this is a very special day I get to spend with my children – the people I love more than anything.

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Julia's Story

Join the Murmuration

Share a story of how you keep children safe or support organizations working to eradicate child abuse and neglect

Make a Difference

Make a Difference

In the Life of a Child

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    Anyone can raise money and awareness in their local community to support The Starling Project movement. Help us spread this important message and grow our murmuration of support!

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    Join Us

    Find resources to help you spread the message of The Starling Project and inspire others to join the movement.

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    For nearly 40 years, The Kempe Foundation has engaged in education, advocacy and fundraising to support the The Kempe Center - a world leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse & neglect. Support this work by making a donation today.

Big Thank You

Big Thank You

The Starling Project Partners

Through the passion and support of corporate and community partners, The Starling Project raises awareness of the need to join forces to eradicate child abuse and neglect. Thank you to all of our partners for their dedication and support!

If you are interested in joining the murmuration by lending your company’s or organization’s support, please let us know!

Join the Movement


Share your Starling Project Story via social media using #TheStarlingProject

Contact Us

Contact Us

The Starling Project is a campaign of The Kempe Foundation.


13123 E. 16th Ave, B390
Aurora, CO 80045